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Ideas are fragile - get over it (blog post coming soon on this)…

I’ve got some ideas about HEATHWORKS - content to add, posts to share, and direction. I’ll share those here. Feedback is welcome.

Playbooks and tools

  • Innovation playbook - covering subjects such as:
    • Creating a culture for innovation
    • Innovation workshops
  • Basic tools/worksheets for innovation and strategy design

Blog posts

  • How do you define a problem statement? - post
  • What COVID and WFH is teaching us
  • The fear of failure and learning
  • Order, chaos & innovation - post
  • Why do we love rules?
  • Why do we love containerisation? Box all the things!
  • Talk to me, not at me
  • The beauty of restriction
  • Your idea is fragile… - in progress
  • Problem spaces
  • how fixing a bigger problem that isn’t yours could fix your problem
  • issues of public companies - capital as a metric and how this restricts innovation
  • Lessons from creative industry - where do artists find creativity? They start with problems.


  • Add comments to posts(?)
  • More on HEATHWORKS and how it can help you
    • Content on corporate training
    • Content on innovation services
    • Tools and guidance for defining a problem
  • HEATHWORKS ambition - multiple metrics

Other mediums

  • Podcast discussing problems, innovation, inspiration, and creativity
  • Essays
    • Mapping technology to philosophy and psychology - a reflection on tooling that helped me

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