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I’m a Teacher/Influencer character type - I love to share ideas, get inspired, and get excited about new things, new ways of working, and linking abstract concepts.

I get a lot of inspiration by reading books from great authors so here I’ve compiled a list of books that I’ve chewed through in the last years, each of which I can recommend for various reasons. These are (or will likely be) referenced on the site.

  • Matthew Syed - Rebel Ideas
    • How do we truly cover all aspects of the problem space? By bringing together the broadest, most diverse range of people to bring suggestions to the table.
  • Matthew Syed - Black Box Thinking
    • A well reviewed book by many peers, Black Box Thinking focuses on how marginal gains can improve performance of an individual or team. But in order to gain access to that valuable data, you’ve got to operate like you have a black box recording of all data that you can forensically assess post-event regardless of whether it was a success or failure.
  • Yuval Noah Harari - Sapiens
    • A massive book that breaks down the history of Homo Sapiens. How were we like our peers in the Homo genus? How were we dislike them? What was it that make us, Homo Sapiens, successful and our “cousins” not? Filled with simple and fascinating explanations as to how we operate and the origins of our of our behaviour in social groups which can be translated into how we operate in modern organisations.
  • Barry Schwartz - The Paradox of Choice
    • What happens when you’re given every option in the world? Does the cognitive load of infinite selection bring you joy or discomfort? Have you ever sat there scrolling the lists of TV shows and movies on Netflix struggling to make a decision? Perhaps endless choice isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
  • Clayton M. Christensen - The Innovator’s Dilemma
    • A classic of modern innovation literature. Clayton defines categories of sustained and disruptive innovation and discusses how many organisations seemingly miss the flip when one becomes more relevant than the other. This is a whole book dedicated to the issue of believing your customers want faster horses.
  • more to come…

I am always open to new books to read too. Whilst I’ve already got a shelf full of books that I’ve yet to read there’s always some extra space around the house that I can stack up some more… so recommend away.

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