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Understand. Don’t assume.

I believe in getting to the core of a problem and really understanding what’s going on. And as problems get more and more complex, we need to dig deeper and deeper.

  • Are we solving the right problem?
  • Is the solution outside of the problem space?
  • Is the problem statement even properly defined?

Understanding a problem is key to begin even imagining solutions. The biggest of problems that require the most exciting and disruptive solutions though often lie deep at the heart of your organisation. To understand those problems you’re going to need to ask some questions - big questions. It will rock the boat. It will challenge the status quo.

As a technologist, there’s some pretty cool scientific innovation out there, but even cooler than that is when a solution transcends the domain of technology incorporating the wealth of knowledge on how indviduals and organisations themselves operate. That’s when we really shift the paradigm and make an impact.

Of course, at this scale the questions we ask will be open, broad, speculative, and iterative. But these questions, no matter how simple are important. That’s why instead of a mission statement, I have a mission question.

What if we could make it better?

My name’s Dan Heath and my pursuit is to help others understand themselves and their organisations, define strong and identifiable strategies, and find where real innovation lies. I am:

Founder of HEATHWORKS Ltd - an independent technology consultancy for strategy and innovation offering:

  • Specialist business training
  • Strategy coaching
  • CTO-for-hire services

Consulting Systems Engineer for Cisco Meraki

  • Supporting global enterprise accounts in the UK&I with adoption of Cisco Meraki technology

Currently seeking Non-Exec Board roles in non-profit sector

Husband and father of two little monsters

  • Generally sleep-deprived but finds time to read a book and get inspired between nursery drop off and when my working day starts…

I like to learn and share ideas. I started HEATHWORKS as a means of sharing some of the ideas that I have with the ambition of connecting with others who I might be able to help. Get in touch! Use the links at the bottom of the sidebar to find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or direct by email.

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