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Making innovation happen

Innovation is change. Formal structures are the antithesis of change. Therefore informal structures are the gateway to change.

I’ve recently been involved in a disruptive team at work leveraging a wirearchy to connect disparate individuals in distinct business segments to challenge the status quo and theorise a new architecture that is relevant, competitive, but also cannabilistic. This team has been so enthralling and filled with rich dialogue and ideas that it’s completely consumed me since it’s creation. It’s no coincidence that this team came into being the day after my last blog post - hence the radio silence.

This group were picked for their willingness to be challenging in the wider community within the business. How willing are they to speak out? Are their ideas logical? Are they willing to fail? If they are this psychologically safe in a public domain, how much will the thrive in a community that encourages this behaviour?

We created a distinct team of these “rebels” - the outspoken ones - with the simple rule of:

“Don’t moan, be progressive.”

Since it’s creation we’ve created multiple working groups for new concepts and architectures. These concepts have been in front of directors and executives on a national and a global level. This is literally within 2 months.

If you want change, create an environment that fosters the behaviour that enables it. Open minds and open dialogue. Diversity in thought, background, understanding. Freedom to express opinion. Be critical of concepts, not people. Recombine the far-fetched. Destroy incumbency and rebuild only what is necessary.

“If you started again tomorrow, what would you do?”

“What do you think about this?”

“What if we could make it better?”

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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