Posts Tack 1 - more personal content

Tack 1 - more personal content

A -> B

I realised that HEATHWORKS wasn’t quite giving me the outlet that I wanted. I felt it was too constricting for what I wanted to discuss. I was bordering on creating a new subdomain for a personal blog but thought that was kinda anti to my personal phisolophy - work and life are intertwined in a complicated way. I am myself and talk about a range of topics “at work” so why shouldn’t this platform be representative of that…

Time to tack

I’ve changed the following:

  • General
    • Theme changed to something a bit brighter
    • Tagline updated to include more personal content and discussion of “human” topics
    • Stripped out any bloat
  • Books tab
    • I like sharing book ideas with people but I’d rather it be shared in a natural format - in posts rather than a big list
    • I was trying the affiliate links but it didn’t feel right to try monetise something that I wanted to share freely
  • Removed categories and tags
    • It added a lot of weight to actually creating posts and equally cluttered the interface
    • It was on by default with the blog framework

What do I hope to achieve from now?

The blog is now a more personal endeavour with outlets that can cover seveal topics. I have ambition to add in more personal posts with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. I’m continuing to use LinkedIn to promote posts relative to business and will continue to use Twitter as a mixed platform for both personal and business micro-content.

Innovate or die.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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